New Children’s Book – The Tale of the Monkey.

rhino tales - tale of the monkey


Prepare for an unforgettable adventure with “The Tale of the Monkey,” the newest addition to the Rhino Tales series!

Join Arthur the Brave Rhino and his friends as they embark on a thrilling journey filled with excitement, playful antics, and clever problem-solving. Along the way, young readers will be captivated by the story’s engaging narrative while learning valuable life lessons about friendship, courage, and perseverance.

Don’t miss out on this enriching and entertaining tale that promises to inspire and delight readers of all ages!

Rhino Tales – A Day at the Mud Pool!

A Day at the Mud Pool


“Rhino Tales” are stories inspired by Arthur and other orphan rhinos at the Care for Wild Sanctuary. Arthur’s story and the work done by Petronel Nieuwoudt and her team at Care for Wild NPC has captivated the world on both news and social media sites.

Follow Arthur and his friends in the new children’s book series
“Rhino Tales” as they discover new friends, new places and learn valuable lessons along the way.

“A Day at the Mud Pool” tells the story of a day of play for the orphan rhinos and how they learn that sharing and consideration for others, leads to more fun for everyone.

We hope you and your family will enjoy this book as much as we
enjoyed bringing it to you.

Children’s Book – Arthur the Brave Rhino

Arthur the Brave Rhino Children's book


This book is based on true events and experiences of an orphan rhino named Arthur.
His story captivated the world on both news and social media sites.

His mother was taken by poachers and Arthur was severely injured trying to protect her.

The book is easy to read and features attractive illustrations that will capture children’s attention. The storyline is engaging and will hook readers from start to finish.

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