RhinoKidz-petronelHi Friends,

My name is Petronel and I love rhinos very much. I live in South Africa at the Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary with Arthur and many other rhino orphans.

Of all the rhinos I have ever met, Arthur is the bravest as he tried to stand and fight the poachers hurting his mummy.

We gave Arthur his cape and boot to help heal his wounds from his fight. The combination of his strong heart and African spirit have touched his cape and boot with special magic to help Arthur call on us humans to help him continue his fight against the poachers.

I will always be here with caring and love to nurture Arthur and his orphan friends to good health to become strong adults and grow their own families. I will keep you informed of what we might need to help us continue our pledge to protect our wonderful friends.

RhinoKIDZ - Arthur the Brave Rhino

RhinoKIDZ - Ollie the Oxpecker